How Creativity Increases Your Snapchat Views;

Like all existing social media platforms, snapchatis only interesting when creativity is the bottom of all engagements. Step out of the norm and bring a different perspective of the things you share on your timeline. Many people will be directed to your page as they expect something new and different whenever the log into your account that will generate more snapchat views within a short time of posting. Always do it in a personal tone as a form of celebrating your differences and enable people to see your side of the coin in an interesting, unique way.

Creativity is easy to do once but maintaining it is the real issue now. It is for this reason that popular snapchat users combine snaps and videos of random photos, a series of events or just single events. Let all this portray a full story of your typical day as you engage your followers. The combination helps you break monotony on your page as followers keep coming expecting something different. Identify time which most followers are available to post the photo or video to get more snapchat views. No one wants to follow that dull dormant account that is posting what we know or just as a way of showing off or bragging.

Getting SoundCloud Followers From Fellow Artists;

Liking and following your fellow artists is the first step if you want to increase the number of your SoundCloud followers. The Soundcloud platform is more of a social media avenue away from only songs. Once you initiate the first step of liking songs of other artists and following them, they will also feel inclined to reciprocate the same towards your profile. That is why it’s important to start building your profile from the in-house members at the platform before going out to seek others. Fellow artists offer productive criticism on your produced work for free.

As they like back, you not only get more SoundCloud followers, but you establish friendship and healthy connections with the artists, and you can promote each other in future. That is the power of just pressing the button to like the profile can do to you and expose you to other avenues you never experienced before. You quickly identify with other artists in your genre, and you can form a like-minded network with them. You can work together and devise ways of how you can utilize the platform of SoundCloud and get more plays out of it. The Ideas of doing collaborations with another artist always germinate from such networkings hence growth in your career as a musician.