Why People are Hooked to Snapchat

Snapchat is a mobile app like Instagram where users share their moments through photos and videos. But between the two image-sharing platforms, Snapchat is preferred when it comes to privacy. With Snapchat, photos and videos you’re sharing can be only viewed by chosen friends. With Instagram, you’re broadcasting everything to the world. This is why more users are getting hooked to Snapchat. This mobile app is used by people as a way of showing off quick moments while maintaining their privacy, giving them a much more personal experience. With it’s unique features, users are able to send a message in a funny way as they can add funny emojis and captions to every snap.

This is what makes Snapchat a popular messaging app specially to young people. Today, Facebook is perceived by users as a social network for grownups, and Snapchat and snapchat followers for the younger generation. Teenagers wanted a type of social media that is more fun and will set them apart from adults, that’s why they embraced this new kid on the block. Snapchat is considered as one of the simplest video calling app one could ever come across. For many people, young or old, Snapchat has made social media fun again. If you’re the type of person who hates being serious all the time, this one is worth a try.


There are two ways of approving or denying a follower request. It is through the web or through the Twitter app.

Users can approve or deny followers’ requests through the web by signing to the users’ Twitter account. Going to their profile, clicking on “Followers” button. After clicking the said button, the users need to choose “PENDING FOLLOWER REQUESTS” to be able to see the people who have sent in requests to follow. Users have to option to accept or deny those requests.

To approve or deny twitter followers’ requests using the Twitter app, users should determine first the operating system. If its an Android, under the ME tab, scroll down until they find the followers’ requests. On the next screen, it will show the option to approve or deny each requests or simply approve all the pending requests. If its on iOs, users need to navigate to the ME tab. If at any case that they have followers’ requests, they’ll see a banner under FOLLOWING and FOLLOWERS counts wherein it says “FOLLOWER REQUEST”. Users just have to simply tap the banner. Once tapped, users will see a list of all the followers’ requests. The checkmark is for the approval of the request and X mark is for denying the request.


Note that a follower request can also be approved on this link mobile.twitter.com.